Frequently Asked Questions

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The marksmen’s festival Hanover will start at June 28th 2024 and end at July 7th.
Of course, we will be hosting many events. Just check regularly our event calendar.
No, the entry to the festival ground and the event tents is free. For the fun rides and the showmen shops you have to pay, naturally. On Wednesdays we’ll offer special prices for our “family day”.
We recommend leaving rucksacks, bags etc. at home. You don’t need them to party. Attendees without those items will get access faster to the ground because of security control at the entrances.
Yes, we’ll have security control and patrol at all entrances and on the ground. The police will support this service. If you have questions, you can contact them at any time.
We do not have any safe deposit boxes at our marksmen’s festival. Please leave every disruptive item for having fun at home.
We have listed a few items below being not allowed at the markmen's festival strictly:
  • weapons and objects you can use as weapons
  • pets
  • glass bottles. You have to leave them at the entrance.
  • acidly, flammable or dying substances and aerosol cans
  • pyrotechnics
  • laser pointer
  • drugs and alcohol
  • racist & xenophobic banners, flags, flyers or the like.
No kind of pet is allowed at our grounds.
If you are interested in shooting sports in general, please click here for contact. We connect you to the next association and contact person.
We do not have WIFI! Have fun, talk with your friends and families and enjoy the time at our marksmen’s festival.
If you have lost an item, please check first the lost and found office at Herrenstrasse 11, Hanover.
Any information for arrival you can find here.
Contact persons for every event tent you can find here. Please check our special offers for organisations.
You can find beer from our local breweries: Gilde, Herrenhäuser and Hannöversch.
Wedensday, 5rd July 2023, is our family day with many special actions. Be curious about it!  Most fun and entertainment for every family member you’ll find at our rides.
Yes, of course. Families and children are welcome. For the smallest you can find baby changes.
Youth Protection Law in Germany allows children and teenager under the age of 16 to stay at public houses until 10pm in case of being accompanied by an adult. Teenager under the age of 18 are allowed to stay alone until 12am without company of an adult.
Yes, we have many novelties this year! Click here for more information.